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Modular coarse wavelength division multiplexers


The coarse wavelength division multiplexing technique combines (or multiplexes) two or more signals with different wavelengths in one common fiber.


The same components can also be used to separate the wavelengths  (de-multiplexing) at the remote location.

The OCM modular packaging provides a robust and simple method for  integrating these devices into your network.








  • Consistent performance
  • Low optical loss
  • Low polarization sensitivity
  • Excellent mechanical and environmental characteristics
  • Fast installation and commissioning
  • Housing size varies depending on configuration, providing optimal utilization of space



  • CWDM upgrades in metro networks
  • Increase the capacity between the central office and the headend in HFC networks
  • CWDM overlay in PON architectures
  • LAN

The CWDM components are based on TFF (thin-film-filter) technology.
These components are intended for indoor use.





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