VAM (Value-Added Module)

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VAM (Value-Added Module)


The value-added module (VAM) system adds flexibility and functionality to the optical transport system by enabling telecommunications service providers to easily incorporate optical components into the network.

This versatile platform lays the foundation for the optical network of the future.


The VAM system consists of a variety of chassis and optical components that fit into all existing ADC optical distribution frames and various other mounting environments.


Modules may include:
Wavelength division multiplexers (WDMs)
Coarse wavelength division multiplexers (CWDMs)
Dense wavelength division multiplexers (DWDMs)


Features & Benefits
VAM Modules for Complete Optical Transport System Requirements:

• Signal Splitting

Distribute signals to multiple subscribers

• Monitor testing

Troubleshoot networks without forcing disruption of service

• Wavelength Division Multiplexing

Increase capacity without deploying additional fiber

• CWDM Applications

Increase bandwidth by transmitting multiple wavelengths simultaneously

• DWDM Applications

Further increase transmission bandwidth and capacity using closely spaced wavelengths in the ITU grid


VAM Modules Feature:
• Enclosed plug-in modules
Optical components are protected from physical and environmental damage
• Angled retainers
Maintains minimum bend radius of fiber patch cords
• Pluggable Modules
Modules can be added or removed from the chassis interfering with existing terminated patch cords
• Flexible platform
Modules can be created for new applications quickly and easily to meet customer requirements
• Custom configurations
Custom splitter configurations are available upon request. Please contact your TE Connectivity representative





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VAM (Value-Added Module)          


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