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Front patching shelf with/without patchcord storage provision


The front patching shelf FPS-1HU/2HU is a multi-purpose mechanical shelf assembly for a fiber management system in a rack environment.

It is typically designed for use in 19” equipment racks.












Two versions are available


  • The 1HU for splicing cable and terminating it on a front patch panel
  • The 2 HU including the 1HU front patch subrack and underneath a patchcord storage basket.

The unit has the following features


  • 19” size: suitable for any 19” electronic equipment rack.
  • Accommodates up to 24 standard or 48 small form factor connectors on the shelf front. Different connector types can be mixed in the same shelf.
  • The storage basket of the 2HU version eliminates patchcord management problems in equipment racks. It includes 12 separate storage compartments.
  • Mounting brackets can be installed at different positions to result in back or front mounting or somewhere in between.
  • Proven FOSC tray splicing concept ensures bend radius protection and solutions for all types of fibers and splice protectors (SMOUV-ANT).
  • Shelf can be delivered with pigtails and connector adapters in the kit.





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