FPX Series Fiber Panels

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FPX Series Fiber Panels

Next Generation FPL


TE Connectivity's (TE) FPX series provides industry-leading fiber cable protection and management in a modular footprint. The panel utilizes an internal splicing system that creates a compact, feature-rich, high-density solution.

FPX achieves densities of 24-fiber terminations/splices in 1 RU (1.75") and 144-terminations/splices in 5 RU (8.75") using SC connectors.

These densities are attained while utilizing TE’s angled adapters to ease cable access, protect bend radius and provide individual fiber access.

Field-installable vertical cable guides on either side of the panel allow for managed routing and protection of the fiber entering and exiting the panel.
The FPX’s wide range of features and options are designed for your networks’ growing needs.



Panels are equipped with adjustable mounting brackets to provide either 19- or 23-inch rack mounting with either four- or five-inch recess mounting.

The panel is available preterminated with pigtails or adapters to simplify ordering and reduce installation time.

Using LC small-form-factor connectors doubles the capacity of each panel.




  • FPX panels combine the unique features of vertical cable guides and angle-left/angle-right adapters, offering bend radius protection, intuitive routing and easy connector access
  • Rear access makes field termination or splicing fast and efficient. 1 RU, 2 RU, 3 RU and 4 RU versions feature convenient sliding access to terminations and splicing. 5 RU version features a hinged swing door on the back - provides technicians unrestricted access for splicing and reconfiguring cable
  • Sold separately for maximum flexibility with minimum lead time, FPX adapter packs can also be pre-configured at the factory for more efficient service turn-up
  • Provides an MPO cassette interface which eliminates the need for on-site fiber terminations or splicing, which decreases overall deployment time
  • Panels are equipped with adjustable mounting brackets to provide either 19- or 23-inch rack or cabinet mounting (EIA or WECO) as well as 4- or 5-inch recess mounting
  • FPX panels are available in a variety of sizes and configurations and utilize a single footprint





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FPX Series Fiber Panels          


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