FMT Fiber Optic Panels

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FMT Series Fiber Optic Panel


Cable management is an essential consideration in any successful fiber communications network.

The FMT series fiber optic panel enables termination, termination/splicing, termination/storage, splicing only and slack storage for optical fibers in a compact one or two rack unit (44.45 or 28.9mm) panel.


Sliding Radius Limiter

Sliding radius limiters provide ultimate fiber management by addressing one of the most critical elements of fiber cable management: bend radius protection.
By controlling the movement of fibers into the drawer, error-proof slack loop management is maintained, ensuring proper bend radius protection.

This is crucial to protecting fiber, eliminating service failures and decreasing costs.


Sliding Adapter Pack
Sliding adapter packs allow easy access for connecting jumpers and cleaning connectors, ensuring that any fiber can be installed or removed without disturbing adjacent fibers.

That means a significant reduction in connector installation/reconfiguration time.


Modular Design
The modular design offers the value of a single interface for performing multiple tasks in your network.

By employing a one or two rack unit modular drawer, network technicians have familiar access to terminating, splicing and storing fiber.

This cable management approach translates to time and money saved for moves, adds and changes.





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FMT Fiber Optic Panels          


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