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Front patching shelf for optical component module


The FPS-OCM is a mechanical shelf assembly that accommodates LGX type of modules in a rack environment.

The shelf is typically used in 19” active racks or data racks, but is also compatible with Tyco FIST racks.
All shelves have front access to the LGX modules, the patchcords enter and leave via the front.
The shelves are painted (powder coated) in light grey (RAL 7035).


They can be front- or backmounted in the rack.





The units have the following features, depending on the shelf dimensions (height unit)



  • Mounting bracket with slotted hole enables any recessed rack mounting
  • Compatible with OCM1 and high density OCMF modules



  • High density shelf for OCMF and compatible with OCM1, 2 and 3



  • A plastic transparent cover including identification label is provided
  • A storage basket for patchcord overlength storage is optional available. It occupies 1 height unit (19” standard) and can be mounted under the FPS-OCM
  • Shelf for LGX modules and compatible with OCMF when the optional OCMFframe is installed





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