FL2000 System

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  • A complete line of modular panels and boxes, developed for cabinet, rack and wall mounting.
  • Fully adaptable for large or small main distribution frame (MDF), intermediate distribution frame (IDF) or telephone closet (TC) applications.
  • Designed for 482.6mm (19-inch) EIA rack or cabinet environment; optional brackets are available to accommodate 584.2mm (23-inch) or ETSI rack or cabinet mounting.
  • Provides termination, splicing and storage capabilities for in-building cables, outside plant cables and fibre optic terminal (FOT) equipment patch cords.
  • Modular design offers maximum flexibility to satisfy both current needs and future growth requirements.
  • A full line of options and accessories ensures compatibility with existing optical equipment.
  • FL2000 systems accommodate value-added plug-in modules, adding flexibility and functionality to the optical transport systems. Splitters, wavelength division multiplexers (WDMs) and other optical components can be easily incorporated.
  • All FL2000 panels and boxes accommodate modular FL2000 6pak plug-ins. 6paks are available in all connector styles and can be ordered as needed.
  • The patented removable angled retainers allow easy access for single fibre maintenance.
  • FL2000 panels and boxes feature superior vertical cable protection and management.
  • Rack mount panels are hinged on one side, allowing full access to the rear of the front plate and the interior of the panel.
  • Rack mount panels are equipped with mounting brackets to provide 127mm (5-inch) recess mounting; mounting brackets are available for virtually any mounting application.
  • The FL2000 splice wheel allows easy roll-up of pigtail and buffer tube lengths and superior bend radius protection.
  • The FL2000 splice deck is available to complete existing installations.





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