FIST-MCO Metallmuffe

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FIST metal closure organizer


FIST is a fiber infrastructure system technology.

The FIST-MCO is a single-ended metal closure specially developed for use on optical grounding wires of overhead electrical power network lines.

The closure is suitable for use above ground; it can be attached to high voltage towers, poles, walls or other support structures.










The FIST-MCO has many special functions and features


  • Single-ended design
  • The dome and base are made of a corrosion-free aluminum alloy with low moisture/vapor permeability and high mechanical  strength
  • 6 round entry/exit cable ports are provided in the base
  • Termination and sealing of optical grounding wires and conventional fiber optic cables
  • Cable seals are manufactured from heat-shrinkable material
  • One model can be used for track joint, spur joint, external node or distribution point applications
  • Two back-to-back pre-mounted raised FAS (fiber arrangement system) plates provide the foundation for mounting combinations of SOSA (splice only subassembly) and/or SASA (splitter array sub-assembly) modules
  • A wide range of accessories is available for a complete installation





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