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Wandverteiler BUDI-2S

Building distributer enclosure


What is BUDI?

BUDI is a product range of compact wall mountable fiber enclosures for indoor and outdoor use.

The enclosures are specifically designed for fast FTTH deployment and easy customer connection.

The BUDI product range offers service providers different capaciies to fit all types types of MDUs.












  • Designed to operate in outdoor locations (IEC61753-1 cat. C), outdoor ground location (IEC 61753-1 cat G) and arial locations (IEC61753-1 cat. A)
  • Material: LSZH, flame retardant and UV stable
  • Multiple cable ports and all wraparound
  • Possibility to integrate optical components as pre-connectorized splitter for example
  • Capacity of 6SC or 12LC connectors
  • Cable can be conventional cable or blown fiber including in this case a gas block





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