FiberGuide System

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FiberGuide® Fibre Management System

The Industry’s Most Comprehensive Optical Raceway System TE Connectivity FiberGuide® fibre management system offers the greatest breadth of optical raceway products in the industry. In response to customer requirements, TE Connectivity continues to innovate and improve the FiberGuide system, adding greater flexibility and driving down installation time to ensure a smooth deployment.

The FiberGuide raceway system is designed to protect and route fibre optic patch cords, multi-fibre cable assemblies and intrafacility fibre cable (IFC) to and from fibre splice enclosures, fibre distribution frames and fibre optic terminal devices. The FiberGuide system ensures a two-inch minimum bend radius is maintained throughout.




And new tool-less SnapFit™ junctions, cover options and Plenum Express Exit™ drops significantly reduce the amount of time required for installation.


The FiberGuide system is a complete set of products designed and manufactured to ensure total offframe protection and ease of use.

Basic components include horizontal and vertical straight sections, horizontal and vertical elbows, downspouts, junctions and numerous support hardware and flex-tube kits.


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FiberGuide 2 inch

FiberGuide 4 inch

FiberGuide 6 inch

FiberGuide 2 inch x 6 inch

FiberGuide 12 inch

FiberGuide 24 inch

FiberGuide Express Exits





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