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FTTH connectorized drop cable solution


Xpres-drop is a range of factory terminated drop cables to connect customers to the FTTH access networks in a fast, plug and play methodology.


Every connector comes with a sealed, protective cap to prevent damage during transportation, storage, pulling and installation.

The cap has an integrated pulling eye to facilitate the installation.

Due to the small size, these cable assemblies can be pulled through ducts with an inner diameter as small as 20 mm and a 90° bend with an inner radius of 100mm.

On installation, the protective cap is removed such the LC based termination can be installed in the EnLighten enclosures (OFDC) in a very dense stack.


The cable for installation through ducts has a black LSZH outer sheet (UV resistant) such it can also be used for indoor wiring.


The indoor version has a white LSZH sheet.
Cable assemblies can be ordered with bend insensitive fiber conforming G657A ITU recommendations.





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