MDB Breakout Kabel

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Optical Distribution Frames
Micro-Distribution Breakout Cable (MDB)


Many network operators plan to expand their communications networks in order to provide a wide variety of services. To ensure this expansion in high density networks, space becomes a premium.

As an extension to the optical distribution frame (ODF) portfolio, TE offers the microdistribution breakout cable assemblies. Especially in the central office, these assemblies provide the opportunity to easily and efficiently establish fibre connections between the active and the passive equipment as a plug and play solution.









  • Micro-distribution breakout cable with 12 fibres, with LC/SC/E2000 connectors
  • Flexible and thin cable construction
  • Pre-configured plug and play solution
  • Easy circuit identification through color-coding
  • The cables’ fan-out bodies can fit into TE retainer elements with no crimping or improper bend radii
  • Rapid, cost-saving installation
  • Available in a range of lengths





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